This multimedia concert takes the audience on a spectacular journey through space, exploring the connections between the vastness of the universe and our significance in today's world. It features visuals created by astronomer Kyle Kremer, original soundtrack by Mathew Fuerst and James Stephenson, and compositions by J. S.
First Impressions is a concert that celebrates the excitement, adrenaline, passion, surprise, and power of first-time experiences. What better way to do that than with the music of great composers of our own time? This is music born as a reaction to our social environment, to our personal experiences, and to our very own emotions!
New Standards features music that has become the staple of brass chamber art music. This program transports you around the world on a journey throughout time. With stops in England, Germany, Russia, USA, Argentina and Brazil, New Standards takes the audience from the Renaissance to today's crossover in a concert that is pure elegance!
Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol takes on new life as an animated movie created for the chamber music stage. With an original soundtrack for brass quintet by film composer, David Faleris, animation and musicians interact in a magical journey through one of the most popular Christmas stories of all time!

Axiom Brass with Mallory Thompson and the Northshore Concert Band Live.

Short clip of the Axiom Brass performing David Faleris' A Martyred Village - written in celebration of Axiom's 10th anniversary season 2016-2017.

Laudes - I. Reveille by Jan Bach

 Quintet N.3 Opus 7 - Victor Ewald - III. Andante

Fanfare Fridays News Flash Fanfare by Daniel N. Thrower

Mini Overture by Witold Lutoslawski