As the music industry continues to evolve, we too must continue to rethink how we prepare our students for a life in the Arts.  That is why Axiom Brass has created a residency like no other.  This week-long residency is built on the principles of collaboration and inclusion, which focuses on helping students become better musician's and better models in their arts communities. This intensive week-long program is designed to bring more visibility within your university by reaching beyond the music department with open discussions and forums specific to non-musicians. More than just a visiting ensemble, we are consultants helping to cultivate the lives of your students along their life journey in music.

• Collaboration - Our goal is to reach out beyond the art world to cultivate young minds preparing them for the culture they will soon shape. We address the needs of the musicians while answering the important questions of the non-musicians. From classes, performances and lectures to open discussions and luncheons, Axiom will make a lasting impression on your students.

• Visibility - A common challenge that music programs face is how to create buzz and raise awareness to the music department. With this residency, we reach out to all of the Fine Arts as well as programs abroad and the community at large, to raise awareness to the great work you are doing in your music department.

• Community - The importance of music is to be shared and experienced by all people everywhere. We have designed this residency to engage more in the communities surrounding your school. This not only brings visibility to your school, but it helps to create an audience, developing appreciation for your school's presence in the community.

• Before and After - Axiom residencies expand well beyond our time on your campus. As soon as we custom design a residency that will best address the needs of your students and community, we begin working with faculty and students in a consulting manner.  After studying all of the interdisciplinary possibilities for collaboration, we will create the necessary materials to have the students begin creating the projects and presentations that will be fine tuned and performed during our week on campus. As we leave campus, we will provide post residency materials and project ideas for your students to continue to impact the cultural life of your community, while gaining invaluable knowledge and experience as entrepreneur artists.

The core of Axiom’s residency programs is based on inclusivity and collaboration. These residencies are tailored to involve as much of your student body and community as possible while creating interdisciplinary collaborations across different departments of your school.

Ensemble Sectionals (Flexible - 1 to 2 Hours)
Whether it's band, orchestra, or brass ensemble, members of Axiom Brass use their extensive knowledge from years of sitting in many ensembles (in addition to Axiom) to help students improve their skills playing within their sections. We give students access to our own techniques on tuning, balance, rhythm, cueing, and team work to achieve the best results possible.

Individual Instrument Masterclass (Flexible - 1 to 2 Hours)
Here we split the brass instruments into individual groups (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba/Euphonium). Students get individual attention, but in a group setting. Each corresponding member of Axiom will give students proven techniques and solutions to common challenges related to each instrument.

Private Lessons (Time Arranged between Axiom Member and Student)
Students wishing to work with a member of Axiom Brass on an individual basis can do so by arranging a time with that member. Lesson times are subject to the availability of that member and is dependent upon the schedule of the Residency.

It is in the Air (1 Hour)
This hands-on approach to improving your band’s breathing habits is guaranteed to immediately change your students’ sound, intonation, accuracy, and technique. In this class, Axiom Brass will discuss, demonstrate, and practice with your students the techniques necessary to create and maintain healthier playing through the use of air.

The Art of Practicing (1 Hour)
In the art of practicing, we guide your students through a series of ideas that will revolutionize the way they practice and will maximize their results. This high energy masterclass shows how goal oriented practicing and critical listening can improve anyone’s performance in a very short amount of time. This is a must-have class for high school and college students.

The Business of Making Music (Flexible - 1 to 2 Hours)
Covering a wide range of topics from forming a group to selling concerts and everything in between, this class is directed to college and graduate student. The entrepreneurial side of musicians has never been as important as it is today. Whether you need to understand how to present yourself on stage or how to create an effective image to attract students, presenters or audiences, this class can help you organize your ideas and execute your plan.  This class is usually open to all students in the music department.

Non Profit Creation / Grants and Fundraising (1 to 2 Hours)
This Clinic is a continuation of "The Business of Making Music" class mentioned above. Here, we explore the lengthy (and often confusing) process of creating a not-for-profit entity. We go through the application process discussing common pitfalls and errors made when applying for non-profit status. This clinic also answers the questions: "is a non-profit right for what I'm doing?" "What is the difference between a non-profit and a company" "What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?" We conclude the discussion by breaking down the process of grant writing and fundraising which can often be overwhelming.

Beyond the Notes (1 Hour)
A class devoted entirely to bringing the music out of the page and effectively expressing your musical ideas. In this class we push the students' imaginations and creativity helping them understand how to translate ideas into an effective musical language.

Bring Your Best to the Stage (1 Hour)
Do you feel that you always leave your best in the rehearsal room, or in the practicing room? This masterclass will immerse your students into the mental and physical aspects of performance anxiety. Using simple practicing techniques, we will demonstrate and apply different exercises to strengthen both your students’ mental game as well as their physical performance.

Developing a Chamber Music Ensemble (1 Hour)
Chamber music brings together the benefits of performing as a soloist as well as the demands of performing in a large ensemble. During this masterclass, Axiom Brass will give you the tools to start and develop your chamber music ensemble. We will demonstrate how a chamber music program can help improve your band/orchestra while expanding your students’ technical and musical abilities.

Chamber Music Masterclass (1 to 1.5 Hours)
We use our extensive experiences in chamber music to guide students with both basic and advanced techniques. Using demonstration and explanation, we show students how to become more expressive, efficient musicians and the importance of applying these skills to larger ensembles.

Workshop (Variable Throughout the Residency)
Brass chamber music, relatively speaking, is rather new with most repertoire being developed since the early 1960s. Few composition programs focus on brass chamber music, so it is understandable that young composers shy away from the challenge of writing for brass quintet. With this workshop, Axiom cultivates young composers by giving them a hands-on experience with a professional quintet. We answer the most common questions we encounter with composers we commission. We give examples from our extensive repertoire, we explain the limitations of extended techniques, and we demonstrate the capabilities of each instrument.

This workshop concludes with a performance of short student works that were written and fine-tuned for this Residency. Throughout the process, we work with each student in a masterclass setting going over their works in detail to make the best work possible.

Brass Methods (2 Hours)
A typical instrument methods class at a music school will spend a very limited time on brass instruments. Yet, brass instruments are one of the most technically challenging to young students, with many of them developing bad habits that they spend years trying to correct. This class is meant to go one step further in your school's curriculum. We break down each of the brass instruments in detail going over topics that address the best way to hold the instrument, how to form a proper embouchure, how to use air, good posture, sound production, and much more.

The following events were created to break away from the typical chamber music residency and to reach out to as many students as possible (both music and non-music majors) around campus. The following events are ideal for music appreciation classes, sociology, philosophy, and science students among others.

Lecture Recital - "Intro to Chamber Music: Building an Audience" (1.5 Hours)
Equal parts performance and discussion, this lecture is designed to ease those unfamiliar with chamber music by breaking down the concert experience. We also discuss ways to not only start creating audiences, but to find creative ways to keep your audiences coming back for each and every concert. The design of this discussion helps both music students who may find themselves one day creating a concert series, or to the future concertgoer looking to experience the music in their community.

Open Panel - "The Future of Classical Music" (1 to 1.5 Hours)
One of the most important questions in art music is how do we ensure its future? How we experience music is in constant change. As musicians, it is up to us to adapt to these changes. This open panel discussion is meant to tackle the issues surrounding this question. Open to all students of any discipline, we offer suggestions to those who may be newer to the Classical music experience. We also attempt to dispel common misconceptions of the concert experience. One of our most successful clinics, this discussion is a must for any residency.

Open Panel - "Music - What Does it Mean and Why is it Important?" (1 Hour)
In this philosophical discussion, we dig deep and talk about what it is that makes art music so important to us. Why is it important to us? How does music achieve this? What is art music's relevance to our society today? This discussion is ideal for musicians and non-musicians alike.

The Sky's the Limit
One of the most unique programs we offer, "The Sky's the Limit" is blend of multimedia and music that is educational as well as intriguing. Originally commissioned for the Digital Visualization Theater at the University of Notre Dame, this program uses a variety of brass quintet music to "narrate" the story of the beginnings of the universe. While Axiom performs, video is manipulated in real time to tell the story of the origins of our universe. This program is a must with any university or city with a domed theater.

Fine Arts Concerts
For the ultimate interdisciplinary experience, Axiom welcomes collaborations with all the fine arts departments. We are happy to work with faculty to involves programs that combine music and dance, music and visual arts, the and film scoring to create exciting new possibilities.

Axiom Brass Recital
See Axiom Brass in action as they put it all together in a full recital. As the most awarded professional brass quintet in the U.S., Axiom provides a wide range of repertoire from original brass quintet to early music transcriptions. Axiom Brass takes audiences through hundreds of years of music history with works displaying virtuosity, passion, and excitement.

Axiom Brass and Faculty
A great opportunity to feature your talented faculty, Axiom is happy to arrange performances featuring members of the music faculty. This can be in a brass ensemble, double quintet, or can feature voice, organ, piano, or strings. These can be independent performances or as a portion of a previously planned performance.

Axiom Brass and Students
The students are the center of the music program. We are available for performances where Axiom is featured with students ensembles including Orchestra, Band, or brass ensemble. In addition to concerti, Axiom can arrange a side-by-side on one or more pieces in your ensemble program.

Imogene’s Last Stand
Join little Imogene Tripp in her quest to save her town’s history as the Axiom Brass brings to life this fun patriotic tale. In this storytelling concert, kids learn about the brass instruments as the ensemble performs the music of Aaron Copland and Laurence Bitensky, accompanied by patriotic tunes and some great sound effects.

Let’s Make Music
Let’s Make Music is a multicultural, educational music program designed to expose students to the fascinating and diverse world of classical music. During this cultural journey, students will learn the basic principles of how to buzz their lips and produce sounds on a brass instrument. With interactive games such as “Find the Beat,” “Where is the Melody,” “Who is playing,” and “Musical Chairs,” Students also learn to identify Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony, and understand how they coexist within a piece of music.

Created for middle and high school students, Excursions is a journey through time and space. Students experience a French Renaissance dance, an English Baroque suite, and a Classical German Concerto. Featuring music of many styles from around the world, this program covers everything from Italian Opera, to Argentinean tango, and American Dixieland.

Lecture Recitals
Music means far more than just notes. With this program, Axiom Brass offers musicians an in depth exploration of the philosophy surrounding the music we perform, thereby helping the student achieve a much deeper and profound understanding of the works presented. Lecture Recitals include biographical, historical, social, and political information. These recitals go beyond the notes and explore the composer’s true intentions.

Concert Previews
This program gives in-depth biographical information about composers and the historical movements surrounding their lives. This pre-concert discussion allows audiences to get more out of performances by understanding the circumstances surrounding that composer and how his or her work fits that musical period.