The best way to encourage appreciation and understanding in the arts is through first-hand experience. Axiom Brass is dedicated to creating appreciators of art and great citizens in our communities. Music can and should be appreciated by anyone regardless of race, class, or geography.

Imogene’s Last Stand

Join little Imogene Tripp in her quest to save her town’s history as the Axiom Brass brings to life this fun patriotic tale.  In this storytelling concert, kids learn about the brass instruments as the ensemble performs the music of Aaron Copland and Laurence Bitensky, accompanied by patriotic tunes and some great sound effects. 

Let’s Make Music

Let’s Make Music is a multicultural, educational music program designed to expose students to the fascinating and diverse world of classical music.  During this cultural journey, students will learn the basic principles of how to buzz their lips and produce sounds on a brass instrument. With interactive games such as “Find the Beat,” “Where is the Melody,” “Who is playing,” and “Musical Chairs,” Students also learn to identify Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony, and understand how they coexist within a piece of music.


Created for middle and high school students, Excursions is a journey through time and space. Students experience a French Renaissance dance, an English Baroque suite, and a Classical German Concerto. Featuring music of many styles from around the world, this program covers everything from Italian Opera, to Argentinean tango, and American Dixieland.

Music for All

We believe that every child deserves a chance to experience music regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, social, or financial background. That is why Axiom Brass brings the exciting experience of music to underprivileged neighborhoods. Through generous community sponsorships, Axiom Brass is able to reach a much wider young audience and share the passion of music with everyone.


For young musicians, Axiom Brass offers programs that promote healthy brass playing by specifically targeting issues associated with brass technique. These presentations can be geared toward students from middle school to college level. Axiom’s masterclasses tackle technical, physical and psychological issues related to the student’s playing.

Lecture Recitals

Music means far more than just notes. With this program, Axiom Brass offers musicians an in depth exploration of the philosophy surrounding the music we perform, thereby helping the student achieve a much deeper and profound understanding of the works presented. Lecture Recitals include biographical, historical, social, and political information. These recitals go beyond the notes and explore the composer’s true intentions.

Concert Previews

This program gives in-depth biographical information about composers and the historical movements surrounding their lives. This pre-concert discussion allows audiences to get more out of performances by understanding the circumstances surrounding that composer and how his or her work fits that musical period.

Informative Concerts

Every Axiom Brass concert features brief discussions on the music presented, covering the style of the work, its importance to brass chamber music and music as a whole, and any other pertinent information that enhances the experience and understanding of the music we are performing.